“Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.”

– President Franklin Delano Roosevelt


395 …6/18/2017

We Have Forgotten, Or Are Mixed Up

# 3 in Series

I am on Facebook, Twitter, email every day, and am just learning about Snap Chat.  This is what I see.

I see these social media sites being used as no cost, dating sites. In essence, they are being used instead of Match.com and all the other competitors in this market.  I have used these old line dating sites each time I have become a widower.  I have been very happy with the women who have looked at me on these sites and both times I have experienced great love and happiness.


The reason is simple, I looked at the faces and eyes of the ladies I responded to!  In some I saw sadness, in others self-doubt, in the ones that attracted me I saw confidence, love of life, tenderness and love.

My point is simple; when I looked at their profile photo collection, I saw the same things, I looked for the same things.  I did not look for cleavage, shapely legs, or the curve of their butt. All of us know that happiness is sharing life every day. . . including laughter, tears, respect, the wonderful feeling of being needed, appreciated, loved and having our love eagerly accepted.

Do not think that being “sexy” is important to happiness in a relationship. 

My sweetheart of 62 plus years, and I shared an interesting experience in the second year of our togetherness.  We had used contraceptives for our first year so we would be able to handle children properly. Then after six months of trying to start a family without success, we tried what a physician told us. . .we made love, intercourse, sex, every day for thirty (30) consecutive days.    

On the 8th consecutive day we did not want to do it.

On the 16th day we talked it over and finally convinced ourselves we had to, so we could have children. 

After that we prayed for help, on the 31st day we stopped for more than a month.  Three months after that, we were pregnant. 

We had learned that sex is never more than the ultimate expression of mutual love.  If it is ever forced, painful, violent, it is an admission of failure on the part of the one forcing it.

Yes, it is not always the male doing the forcing. However, it most often is.

Either way it is RAPE!!!

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Nuff Said !!!

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