“Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels or believes.”

-Emily Dickinson

Blog # 493 …5/19/2019


She was everything to me.

Everything was fun with her,

Sunsets, dawns, the moon growing from crescent sliver to full,

Leaves talking to us in the breeze, candlelight dinners, breakfasts, too.

She loved everything and I loved everything with her,

Her touch, caresses, squeezes, the feel of her arms around me, her body in my arms.

She loved my kiss on the back of her neck. Her response to my touch, mine to hers.

We did everything together,

Cooking, eating, making the bed, showering, laundry, reading books out loud together, laughing, helping others.

She was my Irish imp, I her passionate lover.

We lived a new life together.

We were everything to each other.

She was love.

We came together by way of a dating site. She chose me, which is important because the woman/female always chooses her mate, not the male. I was recovering from the passing of my life partner after 62.5 years of love, peace, joy. I had dated a wonderful lady in between, which is essential to success starting over.

Yes, she was Love, we had everything we each needed at that time. I wrote this one morning without prior planning, I hope you can know the same . . .

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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