“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it.”

– Margaret Fuller





Do You Feel Fulfilled?

When a woman of 92 told me,

“I have had a rich life, yet I have never felt fulfilled.”

‘I am going to pass, wondering why I was here’, was implied and clearly expressed in her tone and demeanor.

I stopped to think, how much I’ve been blessed. My life has been filled with love and respect from countless people The Spirit has helped, by putting the right words in my head when needed by another human soul. I have humbly felt useful and fulfilled all my life.

I know this because I’ve acted on every request for help, every opportunity to serve, part time or full time, The Spirit has put before me. Every time a new idea or methodology was needed to accomplish what The Spirit asked, it was given and successful. All of these are saved in digital and hard copy.

       People fulfilled by them, urged they be made available to others now that I have reached my maturity.

“They will be your legacy, Wes.”

After many discussions with The Spirit and those close to me, I have placed legal rights to all of them in a Foundation, an entity to be managed for the fulfillment of hopes and dreams so long as people benefit from them. They will be a legacy without my name, giving fulfillment to those who choose to manage and build the foundation.

You are invited to find fulfillment by taking a position in the foundation, at whatever level of participation and investment of time, you choose. Please call me to chat, and let me send you the draft business plan.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

Email: weszim.7one@gmail.com
(480) 628-2450
©Wesley W. Zimmerman 8/5/2018

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