“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.”

– James Michener





Buying is an Educational Process

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Buying is an Educational Process

I cannot buy anything until my team and I have educated each other enough about a problem to know what will eliminate (fix) it. 

Usually we do this through observation of our operation, plus research on the Internet to define how we will reach our Business goal. The next step is determining the tools and methodology we need. The internet takes us to information about these, which has been prepared by ​Marketing people. If this is sufficient, we will order what we need without any human contact, either by voice or keyboard interaction.

Selling is an Educational Process

Selling takes over when human interaction, ​in any form​, is needed by me (buyer), to complete the Buying Process. We may need human help in defining our Business goal, from a sales professional (consultant level) who we have built a trust relationship with.

Does buying your product service require ​Selling​?

Next session:

Tell me what I must know to buy it and what you must know from me, to enable my proper education.

Nuff Said !!! 

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