“What intellectual snobs we have become!  Virtue is now in the number of degrees you have – not in the kind of person you are or what you can accomplish in real-life situations.”

– Eda J. LeShan





“Bet Your Life”

Technology cannot replace all Human Interaction.

This morning I Google searched for a product.  It has unique, high technology properties we think will add to our enjoyment.  I had the product name in my notes and entered that in Google search.  I clicked the top choice, and found that BING, the Microsoft search engine, has a block on it.  I do not use BING, I use Windows 10 from long habit. For the same reason I pay for Word, for storage of important old files, all new ones are transferred to Google Drive.

Frustrated, I spent close to an hour trying to delete BING from my computer.

I searched and could not contact Microsoft support, on the Internet, so dialed the support phone number. Some 20 minutes later I stopped trying to get the voice recognition to recognize “Technical” in Technical Support.  It handled every other word I used, every one, and it did not matter if I spoke slowly, softly, loudly, being careful to rest so my frustration would not affect the pronunciation.  I could not get support help.


In the next six months I will methodically transfer all files now under Microsoft Office Word, to Google Drive, then cancel all Microsoft software other than Windows 10.

Will AI (Artificial Intelligence) escape anomalies like this??? 

I wonder how many people and organizations will play “Bet Your Life” finding out?

Nuff Said !!! 

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