Gentlemen, try not to become men of success.  Rather, become men of value.

Albert Einstein

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343 …6/19/2016


Angels Among Us:  A Description


I have written much about angels of late to help us all to see and know they exist.  The media today, television, radio, newspapers seem to talk about and highlight people who talk racist, who fight to gain control of others, who brag about their wealth and who exhibit greed.  Indeed, many of those 1% and 2% who own as much wealth as the rest of us, seem to care only about themselves.  They apparently think they are above angels, and maybe God.  They decry atheists, while living as though they don’t know that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

I wonder if they only love themselves?  They obviously do not know that God is love.  They don’t exhibit the humility needed to see angels…

Glenna and I have been supported by angels in all of the medical care facilities we’ve been in these past two plus years.  They all are happy, fulfilled souls.  I can describe them for you by telling you about Hernando.

Hernando is neither young nor old in human years, however, I know he is an old soul.  Hernando is happy, proud of who and what he is and totally confident.  He is also, humble, kind, without greed or ‘what’s in it for me’ thoughts.  He is sensitive to others, empathic, he feels and absorbs the pain of patients.  He is gentle putting a bed pan in place and as he cleans the patient after removing the bed pan.  His nose does not twitch at the odor.  He is equally caring as he bathes a patient or helps him/her eat and drink.

He smiles a lot.  He is sincere.  He is not an actor.  All of this is part of him, his calling which he accepts with joy.  He is respectful of team mates, likes them and they like him.

This describes all of the angels who have served us and who serve all who come into their lives.  You can be an angel, too as you run your business, sell, teach, serve food, cook, drive for Uber.

Try it, ask the Spirit for help.  You’ll like it.

Nuff Said !!!

Wes Zimmerman
(480) 628-2450
©Wesley W. Zimmerman 6/19/2016

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