“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”

– Gertrude Stein


Achievement, Domestic Violence & Abuse = Inner Insecurity

Robert Porter is the subject of questions in the mind of many people, because he has been forced out of the Trump administrative staff as a result of domestic violence. The first question my partner and Trump asked was, how can he be so effective in his job and be a wife beater?

The answer is easy for you to understand when you answer these questions.

Why do you have a job?

Do you like it?

        Do you wake up in the morning wondering if you will have it tomorrow?

No?  Wonderful, you probably do not beat your wife, verbally or physically Also, you take vacation and holidays and enjoy them without thinking about what is happening at work, unless you are boss and just hired a new person.

              Do you wake up in the morning wondering if you will have your job tomorrow?

Yes?  Don’t lie to yourself.  If you are uneasy whenever you are away from the job, you are also sensitive to everything your manager, boss says, wondering what she/he really meant.  You go about your job with the mental intensity of a person in a room filled with poisonous snakes, dodging and killing them.

            Yes, you are insecure all the time.

            Yes, you just got a raise, on top of the promotion to this job, less than a year ago.

You are an achiever, you have been all your life, and you are not Happy!!!

You put people down if they work for you, make the smallest mistake, and it makes you feel better . . .for a little while. You do this with servers in the restaurant, Uber drivers, your wife and children.

I have worked with, mentored, coached, consulted to hundreds of people, with big titles, in small organizations and billion-dollar corporations. Approximately 50% fit the above description.  This is a fact.

If you work under or with a person like this, go somewhere else for your happiness.

Nuff Said !!! 

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