“As people used to be wrong about the motion of the sun, so they are still wrong about the motion of the future.  The future stands still; it is we who move in infinite space.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke


Acceptance is Love

#5 in Series

Acceptance must be total, if it isn’t, it is not acceptance!!!

Recently a dear friend and I discussed this Blog series. I knew Acceptance would be important. Tim and I have worked together many times. He walks, knows, and talks with the Spirit as I do, so every time we’re together, we are guided to listen, as the Spirit leads and teaches us. Our age difference, in this period of our eternities, is irrelevant.  We are here to help others through this turbulent, untrusting time on this planet.

We concluded that Acceptance does not, cannot exist, in the same mind, with judgmental thoughts. Tolerance can and does, since the only time a human needs to tolerate another human is when it feels insecure, inferior to that human. Toleration masks these feelings, in the human mind. Tolerating uses a lot of energy because it is a constant mental exercise, requiring thought in our action and every communication.  We do not experience the release we seek until we make it clear to the other human, that we are tolerating, not accepting, them as equal to us.

This effort turns us into grumpy, hard to enjoy, companions. When we only tolerate a person living with us, we may solve our unhappiness with physical Domestic Violence.

Acceptance requires no energy! We feel, strong, enthusiastic, we love.  Love is never

hard to give and receive. Love is totally non-judgmental. Love is comfortable, warm contentment. Love is happiness.  To love is to be happy.

Deeply negative humans are repelled by acceptance, those who want to be happy and help others, are attracted to it; true leaders have it and attract people that they build and support, who then support them.

 Total acceptance is an aura that other humans feel and see.

 How do we achieve this?  How do we teach it? Can it be taught, learned?

Think about this for our next talk together.

Nuff Said !!! 

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