Some people strengthen others just by being the kind of people they are.

– John M Gardner

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361 …10/23/2016

A Message in the Sky

As I write this, it is six weeks since my wonderful wife passed.  She was sent to me by spirits who knew that she and I needed a new start and that our time together would be short and wonderful.  We became everything to each other.

We had much in common.  We both had passed over and came back to this life more than once.  We had out of body experiences while we were together and clear visions of how to help others.  We were never apart at night.  She, in spirit, helped me gain my footing and learn to live alone in peace.  During this time, I became aware of a unique shaped cloud once each day.

Yesterday was different.

A dark layer of cloud covered my view of the sky.  Then below it, I saw white wings outstretched, an Angel spirit I knew.  It remained motionless for about three minutes then faded.  It did not blow away, it simply faded.  I knew it was her saying “Goodbye, you’re ready to go forward alone.”

X             X             X             X             X             X             X

It is now a month later, I’ve searched and have never seen that shaped cloud again nor the unique one that appeared daily before it.

We are never alone, and when we strive to put others first, not ourselves, we see messages in the sky.

Nuff Said !!!

Wes Zimmerman
(480) 628-2450
©Wesley W. Zimmerman 10/23/2016

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