“To think is to speak low.  To speak is to think aloud.”

– F. Max Mueller




A Lie Is A Lie

Fourteen people suffer disappointment; four lose $65,200 +

He had an idea for a product that would save people money. The design was unique. He built a couple of prototypes. He thought they worked well. He showed them to a trusted friend and expert in the target industry.  This expert tried the product,

“I hated it, perhaps because it felt different in my hand when I used it.  It produced the desired results, but despite the inventors’ enthusiasm, I did not like it in use.”

I did not have the heart to tell him this.  I lied, I told him . . .

 “The first three times I used it I hated it, then I really used it and now I love it.”

He went away happy.

This single lie resulted in financial losses to four people totaling a minimum of $65,200.     

Telling the truth would have helped the friend to move on with little disappointment.

When the truth must be told, tell it as you know it now, if the facts change tomorrow, that is the truth tomorrow. You do not know who will be hurt with a lie.

White lies are still lies! ! !

Nuff Said !!! 

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