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344 …6/26/2016

The 74th Day – A Breakthrough


Yesterday was Glenna’s breakthrough day.  Emotional is an understatement.  The day before, the caseworker and I studied her medication record since arrivals at the Life Care Rehabilitation Center.  I’d observed that Glenna was in an unnatural half-awake state each day until about three in the afternoon.  I noted that one day, a week earlier, this had not happened.  Studying the daily record, I found this was the day she had refused an anti-anxiety drug.


She stopped it on Friday.  Yesterday, Saturday, she was mentally sharp, at 6 a.m., after a good night’s sleep.  Physical therapy wanted to take her to the parallel bars.  She refused, however, she agreed to get out of bed and into a wheelchair, which she did essentially without help; only support to ensure she would not lose balance and fall.  After sitting in the wheelchair for a few minutes she said…


“Get a walker and put it in front of me.”


This was said in a firm tone.  She then stood up with wheelchair locked in and held in place.  She transferred her hands to the walker and proceeded to walk, unassisted.  She backed up also, then sat back in the wheelchair which was then rolled back to her bedside.  She stood and sat on the bed, then got back in bed by herself…


Everyone cheered. I cried.  She was worn out.  Later she moved herself to the edge of the bed and sat.  I cried…quietly.


This morning she ate a little breakfast while sitting on the bed, feet on the floor, without any help.  We now know she will be able to transfer to an RN supported, assisted living home on Tuesday and begin chemo on Wednesday.  She will return to our house and do the work she is called to do in about two months.


Your prayers and the Spirit and the angel caregivers in the hospital and this facility have made it happen.  Thank you.

Nuff Said !!!

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©Wesley W. Zimmerman 6/26/2016

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