The Business Arch™is built with the fourteen functions that support your Business.Their placement in the arch and how well each is performed is critical to sustained profit and cash flow.

A person must perform them; all attempts to automate them have failed. As business owner, principal, officer, you must know and understand each of these fourteen functions.

As an example here are two of the fourteen for your consideration, which are new and repeat customers.

New Customers are essential to the health and growth of your business. They are needed to replace customers you lose and to provide net growth each year. There is an acceptable rate of customer loss for reasons beyond your control. Simple replacement of these keeps your business and profits level; growing requires additional new customers. New customers are a blessing when acquired at a rate that you have planned for; they are a curse when the rate of acquisition overcomes your ability to care for them in the manner that attracted them to you. Balance is the secret to Long-term success.

Repeat Customers are jeweled assets for your business. They pay the rent, salaries, including your own, and provide cash flow for daily operation. Your business is healthy when 40% to 50% of your yearly sales come from repeat customers. When repeat customers provide more than half of annual sales

your business is getting hardening of the arteries. When one customer provides 20% or more of your repeat business, a coronary attack is just one mistake away. Balance is the secret to staying in business.

Keeping the company balanced is a day-to-day task each person in your company has a part in, neither you nor any other individual can do it alone. Our workshops give you and your staff the tools, education, and guidance to maintain balance when you are small and starting to grow; our Perception Of A Difference Programs do this when you have a larger team to educate and keep the company balanced.