27 Questions

The 27 questions are your best friend. When you answer them all, honestly and thoughtfully, they are your infallible guides to success. All you need do to succeed is believe, accept, and act on the answers. If you do this, you will achieve your business and personal goals.

Here are two of the 27 questions. How does your company fare?

How many potential buyers exist for your product or service?

Six of every ten businesses started each year, do not exist two years later because this question was not accurately answered in the beginning. It is not the first question in the 27 and the probability of its being answered correctly depends on the answers to the questions that come ahead of and after it. The answer when multiplied by the expected gross margin from each sale is key to knowing the probability of success of each business.

What does this product do for the buyer?

This question is in the first ten that must be answered if you are to be successful in your business. You must answer this question and the other nine for every product or service before you add it to your product line for sale. If you only consider the answer to this question by itself, your odds of success are low. When the answers to the questions are positive your chances for success are very good.

Our task is helping you to find the real answers to these and all the 27 questions as part of the process to reach your business goals.

The entire set of 27 questions, with explanation of each and an example of there application to real products in a real operating company is in the book The Perception Of A Difference.

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